Our Story



In 1972 Panagiotis Tempos, still a teenager, began his long career in the manufacture of jewellery.

He was mentored by great craftsmen of the time in Thessaloniki and learned the creation of jewellery from its conceptualisation and design until its final realization.

His technical education, love, and passion for the jewellery world soon lead him to the creation of his own business with main focus on the wholesale market.

His ethos and professionalism helped him build relationships of trust with retail clients all over Greece for 40 years.


In 1993 he decided to expand into retail.

Twenty years later, the new blood, the daughter of Katerina Tempou, after completing her studies, she decides to continue the tradition, driven by her love for jewellery. Creates the new store, a space of high aesthetics where the desires can become reality.

With studies at the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) she guides you to choose the best precious stone for you, for the creation of either a K18 diamond solitaire or any jewel with precious or semi-precious stones you have dreamed.

Apart from the jewellery collections you can find in the store, you are given the opportunity in collaboration with our team to create any jewellery you have imagined.

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What you dream of, we can make it happen with our know-how and meraki.

Our specialized staff is at your disposal to help you create the jewellery you want.

Wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces and anything else you wish can take the shape you want.

Contact us at the 2310225030 or by email at info@a-kosmima.gr


The team of Katerina Tempou Jewellery, with many years of experience and specialized knowledge, is always by your side to help you make the best choice.

You can trust us to get the wedding rings you dream of, the wreaths of your wedding, tell us about the personality of the best people in your life to help you choose the most suitable gift for them.

The baby that has just come and you want something unique and extraordinary for you welcome it.

The baptismal cross you dreamed of.

Anniversaries, gifts that you want to be unforgettable.

You will find us in our physical store and on the internet through social media.

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